I’ve worked with a lot of pregnant women before. Prior to going into family medicine, I desperately wanted be an OB/GYN, so during the last three years, I’ve spent countless hours counseling women about their pregnancies. I’ve read the text books. I know the typical symptoms that accompany the first few months of pregnancy, and I’ve written prescriptions for Zofran and even admitted women to the hospital to be treated for hyperemesis gravidarum where the women puke so much that they almost pass out.

However, seeing these patients in the office and having one of these patients living in one’s home are two completely different entities.

Initially, Bethany’s pregnancy symptoms weren’t extreme. For a moment, I thought that the good Lord was smiling down on us, and Bethany was going to go through her entire pregnancy without any nausea and without any times of hugging the toilet thinking she was going to accidentally puke the baby out of her.

Yeah, we’re totally not one of those lucky couples.

It all started a couple weeks after the stick turned pink. For the first couple days, she was just really tired. Her chronic somnolence is something that I’m pretty used to, so it didn’t seem that odd for her to be getting up later, going to bed earlier, and taking as many naps as possible.

But then the cravings and nausea began. Now, I want to preface this saying that Bethany’s symptoms are actually quite mild compared to most women’s, but again, having the entire experience go on in my home instead of in my office is very odd.

I think someday when little Tommy(e) asks about the 9 months we spent with him while he incubated in his mommy’s belly, I will have to begin by telling him that for the first week of his life, his entire nutrition source was Wheat Thins. Bethany didn’t want breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She wanted Wheat Thins. After a week, however, she developed an abhorrence to Wheat Thins and informed me that she never wanted to see a box of Wheat Thins again.

The first couple weeks were pretty rough on both of us. Once she had eaten her body weight in Wheat Thins, she didn’t know what she was craving. I felt an overwhelming duty to keep my wife and new baby fed, so I made sure she had anything she wanted. She was never hungry for whole meals, so there were nights when all we had for dinner were chocolate milk shakes and French fries.   For a few days she also developed a craving for organic freezer meals. Somehow, she felt satiated after these “meals” because she was constantly snacking all day long, but for the first two weeks of the pregnancy, I was in a constant state of ravenous hunger. My lunch that I ate at the hospital was pretty much my only full meal of the day. I was sure that I was going to die of malnutrition before we hit the second trimester, and then my baby would be left fatherless, and Bethany would have nobody to go to the store and buy her freezer meals for her.

In an act of desperation, I finally text our friend Tristan. She and her husband Chris are super fertile people who got pregnant on their first try 2 months before Bethany and me.

“She’s hungry all the time, but nothing sounds good. HELP!!!” I frantically texted.

Tristan is wonderful and gracious and replied with a whole list of foods that got her through her first couple months. I read them off to Bethany and her face lit up like I imagine people’s faces lit up in Bible times after they’d seen Jesus.

“I want pasta!!!” she declared.

Thus began my daily trips to the grocery store.

We developed a system where I would only plan meals for 2-3 days as opposed to our typical grocery system where we tried to have meals planned for each week. Due to Bethany’s constantly changing appetite and her newfound aversion to left overs, I now make daily trips to the store.

So far, this plan has been working out well. We did hit a little bit of a concerning time last week when Bethany’s primary cravings were for pizza rolls, potato chips, and macaroni and cheese. I did my husbandly duty and immediately went to the grocery store, but as I pushed my cart through Kroger, I wondered what was actually growing in Bethany’s uterus. Prior to the pregnancy, our trips to the grocery store began in produce. We would then gracefully push our cart to the organic section, and as we moved around the periphery of the store, we tried to only buy products that we couldn’t get at our local farmer’s market. For the 7 or 8 months prior to pregnancy, the only meat or eggs we’d eaten at home were acquired from local farms, and we had even started drinking organic almond milk to try and decrease excess hormone intake.

But, alas, on this trip to the grocery store, I looked down in my cart and realized that if a colossal grocery store disaster were to occur, and a whole shelf of canned artichokes and beans collapsed on me, those who came to investigate the scene would be convinced that the victim of the violent attack was not a young doctor who was married with a baby on the way. Instead they would think it was a 19 year old college frat boy stocking up his dorm room. I had toilet paper, macaroni and cheese, off brand potato chips, and pizza rolls. Lots of pizza rolls. The only missing pieces to the puzzle were beer and condoms.

Thankfully, Bethany’s craving for pizza rolls has passed, and she’s moved onto longings for pasta and meat. I made the mistake of buying 3 pounds of chicken because it was a good deal, and it was the second time in three days that I was at the store buying chicken. However, it was after dinner that night that Bethany announced that she never wanted to eat chicken again, and all she wanted was beef.

I now have 2 ½ pounds of chicken sitting in the freezer.

3 thoughts on “Cravings

  1. This brings back 2 pregnancies of memories! I had aversions for everything except for the one specific thing I was craving (resulting in an overall 10 pound weight loss when prego with Gwen, and only a 10 pound gain with Fi…net wt change over 2 pregnancies: 0 pounds). I was showing up to my medical dietetics lectures with pop tarts and eating hot pockets and pizza rolls for meals at home. Another fav? Cinnamon toast crunch. Just never buy anything in bulk. Keith bought a package of 72 pop tarts after I had been consistently eating them for a week and I ate exactly 2 of them, then becoming disgusted by the idea of pop tarts. Keith became responsible for eating the other 70. When pregnant with Fi, it was all about the triscuits. I ate a box a day…until I didn’t. I just purged the uneaten boxes of triscuits from our cabinets and donated them to a food pantry since I had to do a total elimination diet to breastfeed Fi. Moral of the story: the weird dietary changes don’t necessarily stop at birth.

  2. When I was pregnant with Griffin, I craved watermelon. One night I sent Jerry back to the store to get some for me. He brought back a quarter of a melon. A quarter! I kindly told him that I was confident that quarter of a watermelon would keep me occupied while he went back to the store and bought the rest of it! God Bless him. 😄

  3. Two words: cruise ship (or at least this was before the Norovirus scares), where someone else does the fetching. The bonus was that my wife was underweight before we went and came back a little ahead of target.

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