DIT (not DIY)

I don’t think I would call Bethany and I extremely creative people. We both have science based jobs, so often the right sides of our brains get a little bit neglected sometimes. I think it was out of these fits of loneliness that Bethany started sewing and I started building.

Somewhere over the past few years, we’ve found a creative groove that works for us. With the help of our friends who are actually creative (we have a lot of them) and pinterest inspiration (yes, I’ll admit that I browse around on pinterest), we slowly started to let the neglected neurons on the right get a chance to work a little bit.

I call this group of posts DIT (do it together) rather than DIY because we are both somehow involved in each of our little projects. I’ve helped Bethany cut fabric and tie knots when she’s sewing (it’s amazing how the ability to sew up a skin tear can correspond to sewing curtains), and she’s helped me measure boards and hold screws when I’m building things; however, even though it sounds a little bit corny, we help each other the most by providing a lot of moral support. After spending an entire day of planning and scheming, you really need someone to tell you the 4 boards you’ve cut and screwed together look good.

Hopefully these posts will help you see that you don’t have to be a professional wood carver or a Mennonite to build and sew. You just need a source of inspiration. Maybe you can find that here.

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