Trading Love for a Chicken Sandwich

We stand in line at our lunchtime
Near the local chicken joint
To try and passively prove our point.
We line up with our brothers and weave around corners
And wait for hours
To make our point.

Six dollars for a sandwich
To proclaim our allegiance
Against a cause we’re supposed to fight.
We don’t hold up picket signs but paper napkins
To wipe clean our faces and our conscience.
We’ve fulfilled our religious duty
And made our point.

But what cause are we really supporting?
And what point are we really making
When we drive back to work
With our left over lemonade and waffle fries?
It’s our duty to protect marriage,
And we must have the courage
To wage war against the liberal lies.
We must send a message to our politicians
To make laws that support our religion
Because certain rights belong only to those
Who agree with us.

But is our battle really worth the sacrifice
Of the brokenness in our neighbor’s eyes
When he sees our friends still waiting in line
As he drives home from work to his kids
And his husband?

We teach that Jesus came to love,
And this love is to be shared.
But if we must choose between making laws
Or sharing love
What price will we pay
To prove our point?

One thought on “Trading Love for a Chicken Sandwich

  1. Hadn’t read this yet… and I love it. POWERFUL, brother. Just powerful. Thanks for writing this. I keep going back and reading it. One of your best ones yet.

    I especially loved how you rhymed “liberal lies” with “waffle fries”. I don’t know if that’s ever been done in the history of poetry… so kudos.

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