Wild, Wonderful

Welcome to the land of “howdy” and “hey, ya’ll.”
To the land of “yes, sir” and “no, ma’am”
And hot summers and liquid falls.

Welcome to the land where the river flows slowly and
The roads turn quickly.
Accents and overalls are no longer the exception
But are lively entertaining
When you learn to accept
Instead of resent them.

Welcome to the soil that holds
The roots of bluegrass and bluebells.
Where a five letter word can be
Drawn out into six syllables.
The land that
Rejected secession but
Is slow to welcome modern civilization.
Welcome to the land
Where the sun shines brightly and
The moonshine burns harshly.
The land of thick forests and
Even thicker accents.

Welcome to the land where our new life began,
The land of deliverance and wrong turns.
The land that has made the voices
Of wind and cows
The anthem to our life now.

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